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Purchasing from Australia

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Purchasing from Australia

  • Really heartened by project Sputnik!

    I've been in the market for a pre-installed Ubuntu laptop for the last couple of months but have been strugglling to find what I'm looking for.

    1. My first choice was a Lenovo X230t; 3rd gen i7 quad core; 16GB RAM; 128gb+ SSD; onboard 3g modem - but unfortunately not distributed with ubuntu
    2. My second choice became a Dell XPS12 convertible; 3rd gen i7 dual core; 8GB RAM; 128gb SSD; onboard 3g modem - but unfortunately not distributed with ubuntu (CPU and RAM a bit light but would compromise for the touchscreen and tablet conversion feature)
    3. My 3rd choice was a Dell XPS 15; 3rd gen i7 quad core; 16GB RAM; 128gb SSD - but unfortunately not available yet (currently via Dell website 16gb ram and 128gb SSD are not available as options, however I previously received feedback that it could be oprdered)
    4. My 4th choice was a System76, Gazelle Professional: 3rd gen i7 quad core; 16GB RAM; 128gb SSD - AND THIS IS AVAILABLE WITH UBUNTU, ESCALATING THIS TO TOP CHOICE!

    However, moments before purchasing the System 76, I stumbled upon what has become my new 4th choice, namely the Dell XPS 13 Sputnik (the fact that it is shipped with Ububntu, again escalating this to top spot)

    So, I'm delaying my purchase until the promised international release next year. Don't let me down Dell - I will be seriously disappointed if this isn't available in Australia soon!!!

  • Thanks @mohudu !  We're working on it, stay tuned! :)

    Barton George

  • I'm also in Australia, and also VERY MUCH WANTING the xps 13.!!!!!! :) 

    Currently I'm on an oldish Dell xps M1530, 

    Can't wait til I can get hold of a sputnik in Oz!!!! 

  • Hi Barten,

    Any new when it will be available? In Australia and Europe (where I live)?

  • Soon-ish :-)

    Barton George

  • tres excitementz , thanks :)

  • Any time soon now? Can you give a date?

  • We're getting closer.  We will start with EMEA but Australia wont be far behind.  Announcements and avaialability coming soon.

    Barton George

  • Ok, thanks. Can you also post a message here by then? Then we get an email and don't need to check the website of Dell on a regular basis.

  • Sure,  the other thing you can do is subscribe to my blog bartongeorge.net since I make all announcements there

    Barton George

  • thanks, nice blog

  • Any news? Waiting to get the FHD version upgrade, for the one I purchased in Nov ;) But need it in Denmark, in order to skip the extra windows license...

  • Coming to EMEA super duper soon!

    Barton George

  • I'm checking the customize your system or googling "Dell Developer Edition FHD site:dk" in case you've hidden it really well daily now, so it cannot be soon enough ;)

    BTW: Could you ask the web team to support the Rich Text Fields on Ubuntu Firefox. They are as wide as the lines I'm typing!

  • Speaking of the devil, on my daily browsing routine I found: 

    *The laptop is now available in the following additional countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Austria, Denmark, S. Africa  and Israel.


    So where on dell.dk is it hiding i wonder ;)