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Quetzal Sputnik

  • Hello,

      Is there any chance we'll see a Sputnik image based off of 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal)? I'd like to give Sputnik a spin, but want to make sure I'm not installing something that will be out-of-date in a matter of days / weeks.

      Thanks. Cheers


  • The sputnik PPA supports 12.10, When updating you have to "turn on" the ppa because it will get disabled in the updating process, you can see more details of the PPA here:


  • But isn't Sputnik more than just that PPA? Would you advocate installing 12.10 and then enabling the PPA or using the the current 12.04-based ISO, upgrading to 12.10, and then re-enabling the PPA? Thanks.

  • The Sputnik ISO is a regular ubuntu with some apps pre-installed, the PPA has the Kernel that solves most of the issues with the necessary drivers. If you installed the 12.04 sputnik and upgrade to 12.10 you will have to re-enable the PPA just in case is needed.

    If you install the 12.10, you will have to manually add the PPA and install the apps that came with sputnik 12.04, that if you use them of course.

    There should not be any problem either way so is your choice :)

  • Awesome, thanks! I think I'll go with the 12.04->upgrade path simply because it should keep the experience as close to sputnik as possible. Thanks again. Cheers.

  • Keep forgetting to post that I did a clean install of 12.10 and haven't had any issues. Well, I take that back -- very rarely if I let the screen saver/screen lock kick in I see a "login UI" error after logging back in, but I've seen that same error on another laptop so it's nothing specific to the Sputnik.

    I wiped the drive and did a fresh install, added the PPAs, and everything seems great.

  • Aye, I actually went with the Ubuntu 12.10 + PPA path as well. Reason being is that the Sputnik ISO has been known to wipe the windows partition and I wanted to dual boot the machine. 12.10+PPA's is working just fine, but I'd like to use the developer profiles. Have they been added officially yet?

  • Very cool, thx Matt for posting!

    Barton George

  • @cjmuise glad to hear Quetzal is working well.  I will be posting something on my blog in the next day or two about the Profile tool, we are doing a bit of a reset and will do the development out in the open going forward and asking the community to dive in.  Stay tuned!

    Barton George

  • @Barton Sounds great -- looking forward to it!

  • I did a similar thing: Installed 12.04, added PPAs and then upgraded to 12.10. I did however not install anything from the PPAs. Do we need to run some installs in order to get the right drivers and stuff?

    Almost none of the software listed on http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/os-applications/w/wiki/3687.dell-xps-13-laptop-developer-edition-software.aspx is installed on my XPS.

    Any ideas, searching for packages like dell-developer-profile-meta_1.0_all.deb comes out empty?

  • Adding the PPA (and updating) just adds the extra drivers needed for the hardware to perform better (no need to install specific packages afaik).

    As for all of the stuff that comes pre-installed with sputnik, I don't think there is currently a way to get the same environment put on a vanilla installation (at least not without going through each individually). It would be extremely useful if they had some sort of meta package that requires all of those elements, but I haven't come across such a thing.