Hello, I'm Vira from Indonesia. I have some problems with my Dell XPS 13 9360. I bought this laptop in Beijing on January 2017. I asked the staff to change the language from Chinese to English, but they said they can not do it because the windows 10 that they provide only support Chinese . So they suggested me to install Windows 10 in Indonesia to get the version that will fit for me (English version). Back at Indonesia, I asked my friend who understand chinese to change the language by downloading Bahasa Indonesia version, but it said it didn't support. So, while I wait for 2weeks to reach the technical support (because the hotline always disconnect, i dont know why), i never turn on my laptop, and suddenly when i tried to turn it on, it wont start. I thought it was because of the battery. But when i tried to connect with charger, the adaptor light was on, but the laptop still wont start. Also it was the first time I charge my laptop since I bought it. Can you help me with the power problem, and also how can I change the Windows 10 language to English? Do i need to install the new Windows 10? I really need help if you know how to fix this. Thank you