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PE2950 running server 2012, where do I get updates?

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PE2950 running server 2012, where do I get updates?

  • I go to and enter my product and OS and it gives me updates but none seem to run, tells me my OS is too new. Trying to get it to recognise a PERC 6/e card I just installed hooked to a MD1000. Thanks. In case you can't tell, I'm not an IT profesional.

  • Leave the MD1000 disconnected.

    Does Windows see the card at all? Go to Device Manager (go to Start and search for it) and look under storage/RAID/SCSI controllers.

    If not, which PCIe port are you putting it in?

    What is an example of an "update" you are running that is giving you that message?

  • Thank you for taking the time!!

    No, the card is not seen in Device Manager. It sees the perc 6/i but not the 6/e

    Is there more than one PCI port? I am plugged into the one on the far side from the PS's. Only one slot down in the bottom.

    I used the utility on to check my configuration and it gave me several available updates. The BIOS update I already had and none of the others would install.

  • Boot to CTRL-R to see if it shows both controllers and/or check OMSA to see if it sees anything in that PCIe slot. If no/no, I would guess either the card or the slot is bad.

  • Thanks again for the time! No, it doesn't show-up in either the boot Ctrl-r or Openmanage. I have tried two different cards, one of which is new and neither works. And I have a USB-3 card working in the slot right now. My 2950 is configured with the left expansion card riser with two PCIx slots and the center riser with one PCIe slot. There are a Fiberchannel and a SCSI card plugged into the PCIx slots, both of which are recognised. (I don't use either). Thinking of buying a Left Riser with 2 PCIe slots. Thanx.