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Precision 5510 BIOS 1.2

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Precision 5510 BIOS 1.2

  • Hi,

    I just updated to the newest BIOS, 1.2.1, and it's improved nothing while managing to break suspend/resume.

    Where can I download a copy of the last BIOS?


  • For anyone else who wants to revert:

  • First, I can confirm that it is possible to cleanly revert to 1.2.  Thankfully.

    Here's what I saw with 1.2.10:

    1. Suspend/resume does not seem to render the backlight functional.  You get a black screen.

    2. Backlight control is somehow broken, even before suspend/resume.  This can be somewhat fixed by using acpi_backlight=vendor. 

    3. No change to the Thunderbolt stability.  It still dies after a suspend resume cycle.  Since the screen was black on resume, this was verified by ssh'ing into the machine.

    4. BIOS still corrupted after a resume (dmidecode works before suspend/resume, shows corrupted table after suspend/resume.)