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  • Hi, I have Dell R730 Server Machine with 4 600GB HDD. I am planning to deploy Windows Server 2012 R2.  Please guide me how & what type of RAID must be installed for OS backup recovery during failover.


  • Not sure I understand the question, but a RAID 10 would almost always be your best bet here.

  • How can I bypass the Raid setting in DELL server Lifecycle Controller and implement and Raid setting in Window Server 2012 environment.

    Plz assist

  • It all depends on the controller. Which RAID controller do you have? If you have an H730, you would be nuts to use Windows-managed RAID over hardware RAID. You just need to set the drives as non-RAID or leave them unconfigured.

  • I have R730 with four 600GB HDDs. R730 setup doesn't have non-RAID option and when i leave them unconfigured then the operating system doesn't detect the HDD during installation.

  • Because you need drivers: