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windows 10 in inspiron 15 3542

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windows 10 in inspiron 15 3542

  • I am using windows 10 on my dell inspiron 3542 lappy & i am experiencing a lot of problems like slow startup of windows,black screen before starting windows,& lots of other inspiron15 3542 really compatible with windows 10?

  • i know u posted this a week ago. anyway, i got a 3542 also, and it runs great. if ur still having troubles give me a shout out, and maybe we can compare notes or wt ever

  • i have to click the power button 3-4 times to start the lappy &there appears a black screen for sometime before starting windows &store is also not this hapenning to u??

  • mine works close to perfect.. 

    have u done just the upgrade or have u done a clean install?

    ive done the upgrade and then the clean install after a week. 

    my system now boots in 10 seconds. from the moment i push the power button till i got the desktop, 10 seconds, that is awesome

    also did u install all the win 10 drivers that Dell has given us?

    here are a cpl things that i have figured out, making my machine run much better.

    first of all a cpl things from Dell for win 10, caused me some real problems. so if u have installed all the new stuff from dell, u should try these things, that worked great

    in control panel

    uninstall program


    intel rapid storage

    intel security assist

    intel management engine (that one is big problem, causing the system to not shut down properly)

    (some say just downgrade that, im just telling u wt i did)

    in control panel, type advanced system settings in search

    then click that , to view them

    click the hardware tab

    click device installation settings

    click - No let me choose what to do

    click - never install blah blah blah

    and i also checked the box under that (not sure how necessary, but mine is clicked)



    and lastly, this last thing helped my boot up time big time. from abt 30 sec or so to the ten seconds i was talking about

    go to BIOS

    and reset to factory defaults (if u havent done the clean install of win 10 u might have to do this again sometime or other) this only helps when u boot. for some reason when i just do a restart, it still take a lot longer. the benefit only applies to a boot

    didnt mean to write a book here, but these are true and tested on my machine 

    be happy to help with other stuff

    dont work for dell, but worked on pc's for a longggggggggggggg time