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Dell Studio 1749/ problem with Dell DataSafe

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Dell Studio 1749/ problem with Dell DataSafe

  • Hello everyone,

    Firstly, I'm sorry if I put message in wrong section. 

    I have problem with app Dell DataSafe Local Backup. Namely I can't restore the computer to its original factory state. Every time I run the application and press the button "restore the entire system to factory state..." I have information the computer must be restarted and then the recovery process will start automatically. But after reebot nothing happens.

    Secondly If I try restore computer to factory state via F8 button (during boot) I don't have option "Reapair my computer" so I can't do this way also.

    I don't have my Windows7 on CD (it was installed on computer since of purchase). I read in one forum that "If you installed 7 by yourself, then you lost the original MBR from Dell and longer recovery does not run with the disc. Only with CD". I remember that I used to do the restoration but I think I still had a guarantee, which is now expired.

    Could you help me in some way? 

    P.S. sorry for my english ;)

  • Dell DataSafe Local Backup is long obsolete. If you are still on the factory settings and can boot into Windows, update to Dell Backup and Recovery and retry:

    If it doesn't work and you can't reinstall then its time to upgrade to Windows 10 Insider Preview and use it as a stepping stone to take the upgrade path to Windows 10 RTM out at the end of the month:

    Philip Yip


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