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PowerEdge 2900 Firmware updates

  • I have upgraded the server to the 7.1 openmanager, and 5.2 firmware.  I need to add additional storage but the controller doesn't recognize the new drives.   The list of updates on the site is confusing and not sure which files are necessary to fully update the controller.  Perhaps I am missing something.   OS 2003R2.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate. 

  • Before updating the PERC firmware, you should have updated the BIOS and BMC and the PERC drivers.

    What make/model are the drives you put in?

    Did you configure AND initialize the drives in a RAID array?

  • Thanks for your reply.   The bios is at 2.7,  firmware version 5.2, driver version at 1.2 which is the one looks like  i am having trouble with. BMC has been updated as well. 

    I've downloaded what I thought was the right file SAS-RAID_Driver_GHNKT_Win32_2.24.0.32_A07.exe. The descriptions shows that this file should be compatible with Server 2003R2 x64 but it will not execute. Says it cannot be applied to this operating system.   I have the PERC 5/i integrate controller. 

    Thanks again. 

  • You referenced a firmware update first, and now a driver file. Which are you trying to update?

    This is the 2003x64 driver for the PERC 5/i:


    You will probably need SP2 installed for it to work.

  • I'll give this driver a try later today.  In the beginning the old 2.4
    OpenManager showed that every firmware and driver file needed to be
    updated.  After upgrading to 5.2,  the array drivers are the only once
    showing 1.2 but 2.4 necessary.  I am simply trying to update as far as i
    need to expand the array.  I have an existing raid 5 with 4 sas drives. I have SP2 installed.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Thanks for everyone's help so far.  I am closer but still no dice yet.   After applying the driver update to,  it still shows the message "Driver out of date".    When i plug a new drive in,  it wants to create a complete new array (RAID1) by default.   There are a few options available from the drop down list but to extend the existing array is not one of them.

    Is there a newer version of the controller driver?  Thanks again for any info you can provide.

  • If you look closely, I think you'll find that the driver it is talking about is now the Storport driver, right?

    What exactly are you trying to do? How many disks? What size/type? What model/make are the new disks? Are you trying to replace the smaller ones with larger ones, or are you trying to add drives to make the array larger?

    "extend array" is not an option on Dell controllers. The option you are looking for depends on what you are trying to do.

  • I am trying to get more space available for C and E partition.  In the past I've used partition magic on other servers to carve out different or assign space to partitions successfully even though they are not adjacent.  That said the controller needs to make the space available first to the os.  I have 4 146G drives in Raid 5.  I want to add at least 2 or possible 4 more 146G to complete the cage.  This should not get anywhere near the 2G limitations but so far I am not even able to add 1.  The controller seem to recognize the drive but it only allows me to make it a Spare (if only one is inserted), or if I add more then 1, it allows me to create another array which I don't want.  I simply want to extend the existing one.  All drives are Dell compatible as they were bought or used in other servers of similar size and RPM.


  • Ok, insert the disks. Make sure they all show as READY on the Physical Disks screen in OMSA. Then, in OMSA, go to the Virtual Disks page and choose Reconfigure from the dropdown menu of Available Tasks for the RAID 5. It will start a wizard walking you through disk selection, final RAID level, etc.

  • Thanks again Flash,

    That option is not available to me.  I suspect that the necessary Storeport Driver is still at a lower level then required.  I am at 5.2.3790.3959 and minimum required is 52.3790.4173. 

    Any chance you can point me to the correct update?

    Thanks again for all your help.

  • I think I got it.  This looks to be a KB943545 hotfix.  I found it on Microsoft site.  I will apply and see what happens.

    Thank for your help again.

  • How many Virtual Disks are listed on the Virtual Disks page?

  • I am stumped.  I've applied the KB and now i see no exclamation marks, all the firmware and drivers are on the green.  Yet, i still don't have the option to modify the array. 

    I've added one then two then 3.  All are being correctly identified by the OMSA.  However, when I select the virtual disks drop down menu,  the only options I have are:  Delete, Check Consistency, Assign/Unassign Dedicated hot spare, Blink, unblink, rename, change policy, slow initialize and fast initialize.  

    Am i missing something?  

  • theflash1932

    How many Virtual Disks are listed on the Virtual Disks page?

    If you have two VD's across the disk (one for C: and one for E:), then Reconfigure is NOT an option.

  • Gent,

    Still baffled as to how one extends the space on the 2900 servers.  Currently i have only 4 Drives and what it looks to be in Raid10 configuration.  There is a Virtual Disk 0 assuming this is the 4 combined drives.   I understand 10 requires even numbers of drive and so I've added two drives to the cage with similar results.  Somehow it want to create an new Raid rather then allowing me to extend the existing one.