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  • Hello, I just bought this M3800 for working with Autodesk Revit and the computer just freezes every time I open the application. I configured the video card so the Nvidia Quadro K1100M be use with Revit and nothing, any ideas what could be happening??

    For hardware I have:

    4th Generation Intel Core i7-4 702HQ Processor (6M Cache, up
    to 3.20 GHz), 16GB (2x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3L, 512GB Solid State Drive Full Mini Card,   Nvidia Quadro K1100M

    OS: Windows 7 Professional, English, 64bit

  • What version of Autodesk Revit are you using, make sure it for Win7 Pro 64bit.



  • Make sure you have the right driver:

    And check here:



  • I'm using Revit 2014 and the thing is that the same program works great installed on Dell Desktop XPS 8700 with Windows 7 Pro, I7-4770 processor, 1GB GForced video card, 24GB Ram

  • 30yearexpert thank you very much for replying. I did go to the sites you mention, I have downloaded and installed the driver from Autodesk, the one I had installed was for W8.1, It did get better, now I can open a project but it delays opening the commands, I can work on it but when I want to save the file the program freezes.

    One more thing I noticed is that at the bottom of the work page there are two windows (part of the workpage) and they are blinking rapidly.

    I went in to Autodesk web site (one of the links you provided) to look for M3800 compatibility and yes they do mention this laptop as comparable.

    What else I could be missing??

  • I am using Revit 2014 on a M3800 and have the same problem. I tried various configurations of the screen resolution and versions of drivers for the Nvidia graphic card but to no avail. Revit blinks rapidly at the bottom of the screen and I cannot open a project. Some of the icons appear washed out on the top right hand side of Revit 2014. It is unusable for Revit at present which is the sole reason I purchased this laptop. Navisworks appears to work but the icons on the top right hand side are similarly washed out.

  • Yes Michael, that is exactly what I'm experiencing. I call Dell and there is no support because is not a Dell software so what is the porpuse in buying an expensive laptop if can not be use for what you bought it for?? The laptop is very nice but I can be using a much less expensive laptop for regular work.

  • Finally got suport from Dell. There is a specific ISV Driver to work with Autodesk programs. I'm using Windows 7 Pro and here is the link for the driver:"

    So far, the computer is performing beautifully

  • I have the same problems as discribed above, but installing this other ISV Driver didn't change a thing. I cannot click on anything once i've opened a project ant the little windows on the bodem are still blinking. strangely enough I have no problems when I open family editor. 

    It might be because I'm using Windows 8.1 pro... but then... is there a solution for this OS? Anyone found another solution/driver that solves this problem??


  • I tried everything to make Revit 2014 work on window pro 8.1. Nothing worked. I ended up using the second hard disk to install windows 7 pro which Revit works on without any issue.

    Hope this helps.

  • We have two identical M3800's. One has windows 7 Pro and it works fine with Revit 2014. The other is Windows 8.1 which works fine also except for the quick access taskbar being whitened when it is located above the ribbon. When I switch from the Nvidia K1100 card to the on-board Intel graphics card the quick access taskbar is visible.

    Any help appreciated

  • Hello  bought M3800 and i have same problem that, revit is working very slow and I cannot see bottom tool bar. Maybe someone find solution for this problem?

  • I will gladly send you the driver I installed which solved the problem beautifully...... [ADMIN NOTE: Email address removed per privacy policy]



  • Hi i just got an xps 13 and revit has the blinking on the bottom and when i mininmize the ribbon turns black when i maximize again

    did you find any answers???  for revit and Dell XPS with Win Pro??

  • I just got an xps 13 that has the same issue. Any suggestions .