A Problem With Dell Backup And Recovery In Dell Inspiron 15R

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A Problem With Dell Backup And Recovery In Dell Inspiron 15R

  • I just bought a new Dell inspiron 15R 5521 laptop , and i want to make factory backup.

    I insert a USB flash and press "continue", but it keeps loading and when it recognizes the USB flash and i press "start" it prints out that there is a problem with Dell Backup and Recovery and i should restart the program !!

    Any help please ?! Many Thanks.
  • Hi Mostafa_Maha,

    Please refer the following links to create Recovery disk/USB drive:

    Windows 8: http://dell.to/14l15Ui

    Windows 7: http://dell.to/XrgBJb

    Plug in the USB drive and when the Backup process asks you to choose the drive, select the drive appropriately.

    Also, refer the Video below which has steps to back up recovery partition on to a USB drive:


    Awaiting your response!

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh R
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  • Hi   ,

    Thank You For Your Replay :)

    note ! :

    1- My Laptop is 15R 5521 i`v partitioned  the hard disk which was ( 700 GB ) into 3 partitions then i make an undo to this operation and nw i'v only 1 partition ( c ) .

    2- i'v noticed that there is a partition but not appearing which is 11.1 GB , i think this is the recovery on the laptop  

    3- when i try to open dell backup and recovery it takes a much time to load then there is a message appear which tell me that "   Dell Backup and Recovery encountered a problem and needs tp close .

    We are sorry for the inconvenience "

    So I Open It From Dell Support Center Instead Of It .

    First , i Followed the steps in this link ( Windows 8: http://dell.to/14l15Ui ) But I Had a problem which is when i reach to step 3 & after inserting the blank dvd , there is a message appeared to me which tell me that " the files needed to create a System Repair Dis Were Not Found on This computer > You Can Still Create a System repair disc if you have a windows installation dis "

    Second , My Laptop is on windows 8 so i could not make any thing from the video in this link " http://dell.to/N1IA0M "
    so i searched on the youtube and found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIglSB9ZB_U
    and in the ( 01:21 )  the amount of data is zero and when i click start the message ' i'v mentioned above "   Dell Backup and Recovery encountered a problem and needs tp close . ' appear for me  .! 
    what should i do ?! 

    i'v an other question ,! 

    there is a win 8 logo on the bottom of the laptop ,, and i'v heard that if i want install win 8 " if the recovery was corrupted :'(  " it will automatically adentify the key for the windows from my laptop .! is this true ?! which mean it wont ask me for entering the product key of win 8 if i installed it from an external cd ?!  

  • Hi  Dell-Rajesh R , :)

    Thank You For Your Response And For Your Interest , i'v found A Solution For My Problem Which Is Uninstall the dell backup and recovery and download it from the site and install it again , so every thing goes fine after that :)