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First boot - drivers want permission?

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First boot - drivers want permission?

  • Server:

    Windows Server 2008 R2

    MDT 2012 RC1



    Latitude E6400

    Latitude E6420

    OS Being Deployed:

    Windows 7 x64 Enterprise (KMS Media)


    Dell .cab files (x64 imported only)


    Created a TS following Dell's white paper for mdt 2010 (published May 2011)

    TS runs just fine, until the first real boot into Windows.  At which point, everything that appears in the notification area requests permission to run.  This includes things like the igfxtray.exe, apoint.exe, sttray64.exe and so on.

    My task sequence is perfectly setup per the directions in the white paper.   

    I have a couple of custom rules setup, but my boostrap.ini is super limited, and my unattend.xml is super limited as well.  I can post my rules if that would help.

  • NVM: Found the answer.  .exe files sitting inside the cab files from Dell were showing as blocked by the server I moved them to.  Unblocked all .exe files and now it all deploys just as expected.