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W8 DP - Driver issue with install on T5500

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W8 DP - Driver issue with install on T5500

  • Hello,

    I'm getting an odd driver request from pretty much the whole dell Precision line (T5500, 5400, 7400, 7500, P490 & P690), all have most up to date BIOS version. 

    I am getting a request that looks like this:


    And it won't let me continue on with the OS install without the driver. I've searched the entire Dell OEM W7 DVD and nothing came up. 

    I know someone at Dell has a copy of W8 DP and has put it on a T5500... 

    Tried to install W8 DP x86 and x64 and x64 with dev pack - all three same exact result. 

    The USB image is good - I can install it on other non-dell machines so the files aren't corrupt, etc. this is a specific driver issue. I'm concerned though because its the same error across many different Dell platforms. 

  • I may have seen something similar when installing the Win8-DP on some laptops, but it didn't keep the install from proceeding.  I would guess that it's a mass storage issue, and a Win8 driver may be required.

    Since Win8 is still pre-Beta, we don't have any drivers available.

  • Mass storage meaning HDD or onboard chipset - or the USB drive I'm using?

    I stripped them down to the bare minimum - removed the 2nd CPU riser, went down to a single CPU with 1GB of RAM, factory reset the BIOS, etc. and same issue.

    I really have a hard time believing that no one at Dell has either run into this previously and/or I know I'm not the first person to try and put W8-DP on a T5500... Am I?

    Beta is out soon - but that's going to delay my project timeline and testing. Any idea if its possible to see if someone at Dell has a T5500 running any of the three W8's?

  • The driver you may need would typically be listed in the SATA or Storage section of support.dell.com.

    Dell is definitely testing Windows 8, but drivers and other support information usually doesn't appear until closer to RTM of a new OS.

  • Would the Dell OEM W7x64 DVD (the red one) have the same drivers on it? I've used that - as well as copied the entire System32 folder from an existing W7x64 image on an identical T5500 onto a CD and have tried to search there with no luck.

    Is there any way to contact someone at Dell directly about this? In the past when I ran W7 DP on an older machine and contacted Dell's regular tech support they actually banned that Service Tag as a warranty infraction for putting a non-supported OS on the machine.

    I guess I'm willing to risk that again however the experience I had with them running W7 DP was less than ideal - they blocked that Service Tag and just told me that it was "unsupported OS".

    I downloaded and extracted every single driver I could (everything from audio to SATA & SAS) onto a CD and that hasn't worked.

    I appreciate the replies - I'm not looking for Dell to put the correct W8 drivers on their website, just hopefully someone can point me in the right direction as to what is the correct driver (whether it be dell or from the 3rd party Dell hardware vendor) to use.

    Thx. again.

  • You are assuming that an existing Windows 7 driver will work for Windows 8.  That's not a sure thing.  Your best bet is to see if Intel has any Beta Win8 drivers available as your mass storage controller should be an Intel chip on the T5500.

  • I changed a few things - did a zero-write on the USB drive as well as the HDD and I used the MSFT ISO burner software rather than the 3rd party software I was using.

    Currently I can get the OS to initiate an install, the driver issue seems to be gone - but now upon the initial reboot (part of initial install process) it hangs at the "Windows Developer Preview" screen.

    So a little bit of forward progress but still hung up on not being able to install.

    Are there any Dell employees on here or does anyone know how I could contact Dell regarding this?

  • I received confirmation from the OS engineering team.  The Win8 DP will install on the T5500 with BIOS A11 but you must add the latest Mass storage driver during the OS setup with the "Load driver" feature.