Exploding data center network traffic and the spread of virtualization technologies require a network fabric backbone infrastructure that can stay ahead of these demands. IT departments need software defined solutions that go beyond today’s monolithic legacy networking platforms to address dynamically changing business needs and simplify deployment and operations while reducing costs.

Dell EMC offers Linux savvy customers greater choice with the Cumulus Networks’ full-featured Linux OS to help build, manage and automate next-generation data center networks. 

    • Offering the industry’s first disaggregated hardware + software data center networking solution empowering organizations to deploy modern workloads and applications designed for the open networking era.
    • Helping adopt a more consistent interface in IT departments for both compute and networking resources, by utilizing common deployment, and operational best practices.
    • Helping companies leverage the large talent pool available in Linux and open source standards-based communities for data center tools that help accelerate rapid innovation and organizational agility.

Together, Dell EMC and Cumulus Networks® are transforming the network with an innovative solution that combines the industry’s first, full-featured Linux OS with the market leading and field tested Dell EMC Ethernet switching platforms.



    • Cumulus® Linux® Architecture
    • Cumulus Networks, Dell EMC and Red Hat's 300+ Node OpenStack Pod
    • Building Scalable Data Center Networks for Private Cloud
    • Optimizing your cloud infrastructure with automation and open networking

Testing and tools

  • Cumulus VXa community-supported virtual appliance that enables you to preview and test Cumulus technology at no cost

  • Test Drive the Dell Cumulus Workbench – a self-contained lab of a VM “jump host” and 1 or 2 Dell open networking switches

  • TCO Calculatorprice your leaf/spine architecture

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