At Interop, Dell KACE will showcase the KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance and the KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance and how they help IT organizations deploy, manage, secure and support all of their endpoint devices more effectively and easily.  KACE Appliances are easy to deploy, easy to manage and provide an extensive set of systems management capabilities – hardware and software inventory, software and OS deployment and patching, systems imaging, configuration management, service desk and reporting.  The latest features of the K1000 appliance – comprehensive software inventory and license management, the K1000 Go App, and the soon to be released agentless inventory of all IP based devices – help organizations stay on top of the latest trends, such as BYOD and the rise of the Internet of Things, and ensure the security and compliance of their endpoint environment.  The latest features of the K2000 appliance – multicast deployment and a new, more powerful task engine – make large scale imaging and OS migration projects more effective and reliable and enable IT organizations to conduct true “lights off” deployment at off work hours with no disruption to end users and no late night or weekend work for IT.   

The kiosk will highlight both the K1000 and the K2000 appliances – a presentation and live demos of the two solutions – while the 3 theater sessions focus on the K1000 appliance and its asset management and security capabilities.     

K1000 Home Page K2000 Task Engine and Multicasting

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