The Dell Networking S6000 is the industry-leading, high-density 10/40GbE top-of-rack switch in an innovative 1RU platform with the power to meet the demands of your evolving network, and purpose-built for virtual data center infrastructures.

The S6000 was developed to offer unprecedented performance and fabric flexibility without sacrificing rack space, connectivity or energy efficiency, and a great choice for today’s high-volume virtual environments. The S6000 furthers the evolution of network architectures by offering twice the performance of traditional ToR solution in a space-saving switch enabling smaller datacenter footprints and higher density racks.

  • Unify Physical and Virtual infrastructures seamlessly for Enterprise Data Centers
  • Streamline data center and web operations with a high performance, high density and energy efficient switch solution to power non-stop networking and virtual environments
  • Delivers performance, agility and efficiency for enterprises, data centers and web environments
  • Enhanced virtualization and automation features power non-stop networking and virtualized environments while helping to reduce costs and resources
  • Integrated automation, scripting and programmatic management with energy-efficient, low power operation

Key features include:

  • Fully-featured, high-density 1RU data center switch – Upgrade density while reducing rack space of larger chassis solutions with a slim 1RU switch. 32 ports of 40GE in a small footprint 1RU (in breakout mode 104x10GbE or 96x10G and 8 ports of 40G)
  • Designed for top-of-rack, end-of-row, middle-of-row and fabric switching - Unify communications across rack & converged deployments while enabling end-to-end solutions
  • 2.56Tbps throughput, low-latency performance of 600ns, powered by FTOS software - Accelerate workloads and aggregate racks with 10/40Gb switching
  • Built-in virtualization, Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization support  - Scale flexibly to support multiple types of fabrics, while seamlessly providing automated delivery of workloads and VM mobility across virtual environments
  • Integrated automation, scripting and programmatic management - Reduce deployment time with Bare Metal Provisioning , scripting and other capabilities with Dell Open Automation Framework support while reducing costs and resources
  • Energy-Efficient, low power solution - Drive energy-efficient data centers and chiller-less operation with Fresh Air ready capability for chiller-less operation