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Dell Networking OpenManage Network Manager Overview

Growing networks can be a headache for today’s IT organizations. Keeping track of the
devices in your network and how they relate to each other and to other parts of
your infrastructure can be difficult and time consuming. OMNM is designed to
make it easier to plan and manage your Dell network devices.

Dell Networking OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM) allows you to quickly and efficiently deploy
and manage all of your Dell Network switches. OMNM’s centralized management
solution for Dell networking environments provides discovery, configuration
management, monitoring, and reporting for the entire Dell Networking family of
products - right out of the box, at no cost to you.

  • Automates the discovery of network devices, and provides detailed information on the
    devices and their connectivity, including the ability to draw physical and
    logical topology maps.
  • Provides the ability to easily configure and manage groups of Dell network devices;
    configuration changes and firmware deployments can be made to multiple devices
    in one operation, and many network operations can be scheduled for
    pre-determined times.
  • Enables the network administrator to monitor the health and performance of their Dell
    network, allowing the creation of dashboards to capture important events and
    trends, and display them over time.
  • Can lower TCO by proactively monitoring for network problems, automating common
    configuration actions, and enabling easy firmware deployment, allowing network
    administrators to focus on more critical activities.

Features & Specifications

Key Features:

  • Traffic Flow Analysis helps maintain optimum performance configurations
  • Active Performance Monitors allow for proactive customization of performance monitoring
  • “ProScan” configuration audit helps you track down and correct configuration issues
  • Resource management enables easy configuration  of single Dell switches
  • Resource Discovery Wizard simplifies discovery of  IP-based network elements
  • Advanced scheduling schedules key tasks, such as backup and configuration changes
  • Monitoring provides flexible dashboards for fault, availability and performance monitoring.
  • Event management filters and forwards events and traps
  • Firmware Management       
  • Configuration Compliance Management
  • Network Tools Portlet
  • Network & Geographic Topology enhancements
  • Enhanced Device details panel
  • MAC & IP mapping capability
  • HTML 5.0 based performance charts
  • FTOS Service Tag support
  • Link Manager
  • Log category support

Supported Operating System Platforms:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux v6.2 (64-bit)
  • MSFT Window 2012 (64bit), 2008 (64-bit)

Supported Web Browsers:

  • Chrome (v 6 and above)
  • Safari (v 5 and above)
  • Firefox  (v 3.6 and above)
  • Internet Explorer (v9 and above)

Supported Dell Networking Devices:

  • Dell Networking Data Center: Z-Series, S-Series,  M-Series & E-Series devices
  • Dell Networking Campus 8100, 8000, 7000, 6000, 5000, 3000, M I/O Aggregator, M-8428K, N2000, N3000, N4000
  • Dell Networking W-Series wireless controllers, access points, and instant access points


To download a free copy of OMNM 5.3 SP2 with support for up to ten (10) Dell networking devices visit and select the download link on the page.


Dell Networking OpenManage Network Manager Product Sheet

Dell Networking OpenManage Network Manager Preinstall Checklist

Dell Networking OpenManage Network Manager Documentation

Case Studies

Austin City Limits Music Festival_Public OMNM Case Study.pdf



Dell OpenManage Network Manager Version 5.3 SP2

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do customers get a copy of OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM)?                  a. To download a free copy of OMNM with support for up to ten (10) Dell networking devices visit select the download link on the page.

2. How much does OMNM cost?

     a. There is no cost for management of up to ten (10) Dell networking devices. If you have more than ten (10) Dell devices, you can purchase additional device licenses through Dell S&P. Visit for more details.


3. What devices can be managed with OMNM?

a. OMNM will allow you to manage all Dell networking devices including Force10, PowerConnect switches,, PowerConnect W-Series wireless controllers and access points. See the Release Notes for a complete list of supported devices.

4. How many devices can OMNM manage?

a. When you download and install OMNM, you will be able to manage up to ten (10) Dell devices for no additional cost. If you have more than ten Dell devices, you can add support for additional devices by purchasing OMNM device license packs through Dell S&P. The total number of devices that can be managed by one OMNM server will vary depending on the size and configuration of the server on which OMNM is deployed (see the OMNM User Guide for server sizing guidelines) and on the specific OMNM features in use. However, as a rule of thumb, a fully configured OMNM server can support up to about 2000 devices. Use of resource-intensive features such as Traffic Flow Analysis will reduce that number somewhat.


5. What about customer installations with more devices than a single OMNM server can support?

a. Customers with very large configurations have a few different options. An additional OMNM server could be deployed to manage the additional devices; however each OMNM server would be managed by its own browser interface


b. Dell S&P also sells other network management products that can manage larger environments from Dell partners such as Solarwinds, NetScout and Entuity. For customers familiar with OMNM, the maker of OMNM, Dorado Software, also sells Redcell, which can be deployed in distributed and clustered configurations to enable the management of very large environments. OMNM customers whose environments grow beyond the capacity of a single OMNM server can upgrade to Dorado Redcell by purchasing and installing a Redcell license key.


c. Contact your Dell sales representative for more information.


6. What about managing 3rd party devices?

    a. If you want to manage devices other than Dell you have the option to work with other management solutions offered by Dell partners and available on Dell S&P, such as Solarwinds, NetScout and Entuity.  For customers familiar with OMNM, the maker of OMNM, Dorado Software, also sells Redcell, which allows you to manage all of your Dell devices as well as any supported additional devices in your network. OMNM 6.0 will also have Multi-vendor support.

   b. Contact your Dell sales representative for more information.

7. What can OMNM really do from a management perspective?

    a. OMNM is a network management system (NMS) that provides for discovery, configuration, monitoring, and management of Dell networking devices. It is a web based tool with a wide variety of user configurable functionality and capabilities. With advanced features such as group operations, configuration backup and restore, firmware management, reporting, scheduling, traffic flow analysis, and configuration audit capabilities, OMNM will enable you to get control of your network.

8. What are the system requirements to install OMNM?

    a. You must install the following or have at least the minimum versions installed  on your server:

i. Supported Web Browsers:

  1. Chrome (v6 and above)
  2. Safari (v 5 and above)
  3. Firefox (v 3.6 and above)
  4. Internet Explorer (v 9 and above)

ii. Supported Operating System Versions:

  1. RedHat Enterprise Linux v6.2 (64-bit)
  2. Microsoft Windows 2012 (64bit), 2008 (64-bit)

iii. For more information, please see the OMNM v5 User Guide, Chapter 1. Getting Started with Dell OpenManage Network Manager.

9. Is training for OMNM available?

    a. There are a series of demonstrations showing how to utilize various features available on

10. Are there any demos that show OMNM in action?

    a. Yes, there are multiple live demos that detail various functionality within the product at

11. If a customer needs to add more capacity where do they purchase upgrades?

 a. Customers in the following countries/regions can order licenses from Dell S&P; orders will be fulfilled by Distributor and Dorado Software via email:

     i.United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina

    ii. Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, SADMG, Japan, Korea

   iii. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

   iv. For customers outside of the above countries/regions, OMNM licenses can be ordered directly from Dorado’s international shopping cart at: . License orders will be processed by Dorado and fulfilled via email.

  v. Customers may contact their Dell sales representative or Dorado Software to inquire about the Redcell upgrade products to manage heterogeneous environments. In the countries/regions listed above, license orders will be processed and fulfilled by Distributor & Dorado Software

12. How can the customer get access to previous OMNM licenses if they lost them?

a. Contact your Dell sales representative, or go to to the User Guide and Release Notes for more information.


13. How do customers update license keys prior to upgrading to OMNM 5?

       a. Contact your Dell sales representative, or go to to the User Guide and Release Notes for more information.

14. Are there any specific items we should be aware of when supporting the new N-Series switches with OMNM?

a. No, release OMNM5.3 SP2 provides full support for N2000, N3000 and N4000 Devices.