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Dell Networking OpenManage Network Manager Overview

Growing networks can be a headache for today’s IT organizations. Keeping track of the devices in your network and how they relate to each other and to other parts of your infrastructure can be difficult and time consuming. OMNM is designed to make it easier to plan and manage your Dell, Cisco, HP, Juniper, Aruba, Brocade, SonicWALL Security Devices and thousands more network devices.


Unify your network element management and simplify deployment of Dell and third-party networking environments with a rich suite of tools available in OMNM, an integrated management console for all your important network management functions.

OMNM’s centralized management solution for Dell networking environments provides discovery, configuration management, monitoring and reporting for the entire Dell Networking family of products and select third-party products

OMNM provides the following advantages:

• Automates the discovery of network devices, and provides detailed information on the devices and their connectivity, including the ability to draw physical and logical topology maps.

• Provides the ability to easily configure and manage groups of network devices; configuration changes and firmware deployments can be made to multiple devices in one operation, and many network operations can be scheduled for pre-determined times.

• Enables the network administrator to monitor the health and performance of their network, allowing the creation of dashboards to capture important events and trends, and

• Resource group management provides one-to-many switch configuration

• Inventory reporting shows what you have and where is located

• Advanced scheduling schedules key tasks, such as backup and configuration changes

• Event management filters and forwards events and traps

• Customizable web based user interface

• Monitoring provides flexible dashboards for fault, availability and performance monitoring

• Helps reduce TCO by proactively monitoring for network problems, automating common configuration actions and enabling easy firmware deployment, allowing network administrators to focus on more critical activities. 

• Active Performance Monitors allow for proactive customization of performance monitoring

• Resource Discovery Wizard simplifies discovery of IP-based network elements

• Resource management enables easy configuration of single switches

• Free 30-day trial available to customers after which they will be required to purchase OMNM 6.0.

• Customers can purchase or upgrade to OMNM 6.0 directly from Dell from a variety of order options based on device count and term for the annual subscriptions. 

Supported operating system (64-bit)

• MSFT Window 2012

• Windows Server 2008 R2

• Linux for Redhat and CentOS v6.4/v6.5

Supported web browsers

• Chrome (version 41 and above)

• Safari (version 8 and above)

• Firefox (version 37 and above)

• Internet Explorer (version 11 and above)

Key features

  • High Availability and Distributed installer
  • Virtual appliance support (VMware virtual image for OMNM)
  • RADIUS authentication integration
  • Topology export to Visio
  • Higher device count SKUs (2500, 3000, 5000, 7500, 10,000, unlimited)
  • Traffic flow analysis reports (export data as CSV)
  • Multi tenancy (support multiple client organizations from a single instance)
  • Virtualization management (manage VMware and HyperV images)
  • Support for all Dell Networking switches
  • Support for select third-party switches from Cisco, HP, Juniper, Aruba, Brocade and more.
  • SonicWALL security devices (SuperMassive, E-Class NSA, TZ and NSA Series)
  • Traffic Flow Analysis helps maintain optimum performance configurations
  • Added Dell Networking OS 9.9 firmware support for the Dell Networking FTOS models
  • Find Physical Connection for IP or MAC Address feature is now replaced with Connected Device(s)
  • ProScan” configuration audit helps you track down and correct configuration issues
  • Active Performance Monitors allow for proactive customization of performance monitoring
  • Resource Discovery Wizard simplifies discovery of IP- based network elements
  • Resource management enables easy configuration of single switches
  • Firmware and device support for W-Series controllers and
    instant access points including those supporting Power over
    Ethernet (PoE)

Key Solutions:

  • Multi-vendor and scalable solution to consolidate your network management 
  • Seamless integration of device management/Single CMDB with associations offers inter-connectivity and dependency mapping for accurate network availability and performance
  • Consolidate deployment of compliance management with automated remediation through auditable actions
  • Agent-less solution for scheduled, on-demand inventory discovery and management

Key Benefits:


  • Streamlines operations, Reduces software maintenance fees, training costs


  • Dashboard to locate service-affecting problems across converging devices for faster MTTR


  • Plan and detect changes, automate remediation and provide comprehensive change reporting


  • Make better technology investment decisions, find under utilized devices  with real time inventory 

Supported Network Devices:

Dell Switches

• Dell Networking Z9500, Z9000, X-Series, S-Series, C-Series, N-Series, E- Series, M-Series and B-Series

• Dell Networking driver support for FTOS model S6000-ON

• DriveDell Networking S3048-ON and S4048-ON switches

• Dell Networking C9010 Chassis

• Dell Networking MXL and Dell PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator

• Dell Networking N1524, N1524P, N1548 and N1548P switches

• Dell Networking FN410S, FN410T,FN2210S, 8100, 8000, 7000, 6000, 5000 and 3000 (includes 8132 and

8164 devices)

• Dell Networking W-Series wireless controllers, access points and instant access points

• Enhanced Cumulus Driver – S3048-ON, S4048-ON 

Dell SonicWALL Security Devices:

•Dell SonicWALL (SuperMassive, E-Class NSA, TZ and NSA Series) SuperMassive E10000 Series (E10800, E10400, E10200

•Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9000 Series (9800, 9600, 9400, 9200)

•Dell SonicWALL E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series (NSA E8500, NSA E6500, NSA E5500)

•Dell SonicWALL TZ Series (TZ 105/W, TZ 205/W, TZ 215/W)

•Dell SonicWALL NSA Series (NSA 220/W, NSA 250M/W, NSA 2600, NSA 3600,NSA 4600,NSA 5600, NSA 6600)

• Dell PowerEdge VRTX IOM

• Dell Networking OS support: v9.7 and v6.2.6 new firmware support for Wireless Controllers and

Instant Access Point devices.

• Dell Networking 9.8 firmware support for the following devices:

S4810, S4820T,S5000, S6000, MXL, IOA, Z9000, Z9500, FN410S, FN410T, FN2210S, S3048-ON and


Cisco switches

• Cisco 300

• Nexus 5548, 7000, 6000

• Nexus 2000/FEX

• Catalyst 6500, 4500, 68xx

HP switches

• HP 4800, 5300, 59xx, 6600, 82xx

Juniper switches

• EX4200, EX4500, EX6210, EX82xx

Brocade switches

• 65xx, VDX 67xx, VDX 87xx

Please contact your Dell Representative for a complete list of all supported devices.


To download a 30 day trial of OMNM 6.1 with support for up to twenty-five (25) Dell networking devices visit:


Dell OpenManage Network Manager Quick Start Guide 6.1

Dell OpenManage Network Manager User Guide 6.1

Dell OpenManage Network Manager VM Installation Guide 6.1

Dell OpenManage Network Manager Installation Guide 6.1

Dell OpenManage Network Manager Release Notes 6.1

Dell Networking OMNM Traffic Flow Analyzer (TFA) Spec Sheet

Case Studies

Austin City Limits Music Festival_Public OMNM Case Study.pdf


OpenManage Network Manager Fast, efficient management of expanding network environments  


Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit:  How to view details in a new browser window:

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: How to upload device OS firmware images:

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: How to display resources by organization:

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: Run a Configuration Backup

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: Discover a New Device

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: Create an Inventory Asset Report

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: Schedule Tasks

 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: Set File Servers for Backup, Restore and Deployment

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 Dell OpenManage Network Manager Toolkit: Create Multiple Users/Permissions

Dell OpenManage Network Manager Version 6.0

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do customers get a copy of OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM)?
    1. There is no longer a free license for OMNM 6 and above (OMNM legacy was free for less than 10 devices). In contrast, Dell can provide a free trial period of up to 30 days for all customers wishing to purchase subscription licenses for OMNM 6.
    2. Customers must purchase OMNM 6 directly from Dell. Likewise, Dell must be the only destination for customers who wish to upgrade from OMNM 5.3 to OMNM 6 licenses. New SKUs will be created for OMNM 6 based on device count (25, 50, 100, 250,300, 500, 750, 1,000 and 2,000) and term for the annual subscriptions (1 year, 3 years, 5 years). SKUs, available in all regions.

2. What about legacy OMNM customers?

a. Customers who have bought a license > 10 devices of OMNM legacy will have a special offer to upgrade to OMNM 6 (or the most current version at that time).

3. How much does OMNM cost?

a. 1 year OMNM pricing can be found on our main Dell website:  

4. What devices can be managed with OMNM?

a. OMNM will allow you to manage all Dell Networking devices including Dell Networking Force10 , Dell Networking PowerConnect switches, Dell Networking W-Series wireless controllers, access points and instant access points. See the Release Notes for a complete list of supported devices.

b. OMNM 6.0 now provides Multi-vendor support for the following 3rd party devices and more

i. Cisco – Nexus 2000/FEX/5548/6000/7000, Catalyst 4500/6500/68xx

ii. HP – 4800, 5300, 59xx, 6600, 82xx
iii. Juniper – EX4200/4500, EX82xx
iv. Brocade – 65xx, VDX 67xx/87xx

Contact your Dell sales representative for more information and complete support list.

5. How many devices can OMNM manage?

a. The total number of devices that can be managed by one OMNM server will vary depending on the size and configuration of the server on which OMNM is deployed (see the OMNM User Guide for server sizing guidelines) and on the specific OMNM features in use. However, as a rule of thumb, a fully configured OMNM server can support up to about 2000 devices. Use of resource-intensive features such as Traffic Flow Analysis will reduce that number somewhat. Note: In OMNM 6.1 we will have higher device SKU's including unlimited device support including HA.

6.  What about customer installations with more devices than a single OMNM server can support?

a. Customers with very large configurations have a few different options. An additional OMNM server could be deployed to manage the additional devices; however each OMNM server would be managed by its own browser interface. In OMNM 6.1 we will have HA (High-Availability) support.

b. Dell S&P also sells other network management products that can also manage larger environments from Dell partners such as SolarWinds, NetScout and Entuity.
c. Contact your Dell sales representative for more information.

7. What can OMNM really do from a management perspective?

a. OMNM is a network management system (NMS) that provides for discovery, configuration, monitoring, traffic analysis, events and alarms, compliance management and management of Dell and other 3rd party vendors networking devices. It is a web based tool with a wide variety of user configurable functionality and capabilities. With advanced features such as group operations, configuration backup and restore, firmware management, reporting, scheduling, traffic flow analysis, and configuration audit capabilities, OMNM will enable you to get control of your network.

8. What are the system requirements to install OMNM?

a. You must install the following or have at least the minimum versions installed on your server:
Supported Web Browsers:
1. Chrome (version 41 and above)
2. Safari (version 8 and above)
3. Firefox (version 37 and above)
4. Internet Explorer (version 11 and above)

Supported Operating System (64bit):
1. MSFT Window 2012
2. Windows Server 2008 R2
3. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64bit), 2008 (64-bit)

4. Dell Networking OS v9.7 and v6.2

For more information, please see the OMNM v6 User Guide, Chapter 1. Getting Started with Dell OpenManage Network Manager.

9. Is training for OMNM available?

a. There are a series of demonstrations shown on this website that detail various functionality within the product.

10. Are there any demos that show OMNM in action?

a. There are a series of demonstrations shown on this website that detail various functionality within the product.

b. You can also contact your Dell Representative to have them demo OMNM.

11. If a customer needs to add more capacity where do they purchase upgrades?

a. Unlike with OMNM legacy, these licenses are not cumulative. In other words, if the user needs to support 150 nodes, he/she has to buy the 150-node subscription. Important to discuss future network expansion plans for the term of the subscription, purchase for growth, these licenses are not cumulative.

12. How can the customer get access to previous OMNM licenses if they lost them?

a. Contact your Dell sales representative.

13. How do customers update license keys prior to upgrading to OMNM 6?

a. Contact your Dell sales representative.