June 19, 2013 / 11:30 CDT

Presenters: John Wroblewski

 Join Dell Networking for an informative Webinar Series featuring Dell Networking Products and Solutions. The Webinar Series is a multi-part presentation Webinar. Part Five will focus on Dell's Active Fabric Solution and Active Fabric Manager for automated Design and Deployment of a Dell Active Fabric.

 The changes in Data Center computing with virtualization require a resilient, scalable Data Fabric that can be deployed with a lower TCO than outdated three-tier chassis architectures.  Dell's Active Fabric offers the performance and scalability necessary for today's virtualized Data Center implementations. Easily Designed, Configured and Deployed using Dell's Active Fabric Manager, the Active Fabric Solution will enable your operations staff to respond to the changing compute requirements of a dynamic growing business. Dell Networking can help you build and implement a comprehensive Data Center Fabric with Active Fabric Solutions.

 Join us for this informative webinar where we will discuss:

  • Dell's Active Fabric- Performance at a better TCO
  • Dell's Active Fabric Manager

 Dell Networking solutions can help you simplify and optimize your IT infrastructure and build on what you have without costly rip-and-replace upgrades. Our team can help define a strategy that works for your business today and that helps you scale for the future.

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