Bare Metal Provisioning (BMP) is part of Dell’s Open Automation Framework and provides a solution for network provisioning that extends far beyond the basic requirements of network device configuration. 

BMP improves accessibility to the switch by automatically loading pre-defined configurations and boot images that are stored on a file server. Included in FTOS 9.1 for S4810 and Z9000, BMP 3.0 adds the ability for a switch to download and run scripts upon switch boot-up so that automated testing, configuration, and validation can be performed.

Warranted by the trend and demand in the industry for automated services, BMP is the default boot mode on all supported Dell Force10 switches running the latest FTOS image. Upon boot-up, a switch can now make an intelligent decision on the appropriate action or configuration to apply based on the status of the surrounding environment.

Download the “Bare Metal Provisioning 3.0 – Automate the Network” whitepaper and associated scripts to learn more about BMP and how it can help you automate your network. To see a demo of BMP in action in a common use case watch the below video.