Seems just about everything is virtual these days…your servers, your desktops, even whole office environments. All of this naturally can put a lot of strain and place a lot of demands on your network. At Dell, we have a complete portfolio of wired and wireless solutions for branch, campus and data center environments that can scale in various dimensions to meet your business needs. This includes a comprehensive set of 10G/40G fabrics solutions for campus and data center as well as feature-rich automation and orchestration capabilities to help simplify the complex in your virtual world. And we have an architectural vision for the future that we call our Virtual Network Architecture (VNA).

Our VNA framework aims to extend our current networking and virtualization capabilities across branch, campus and data center environments with an open networking framework for efficient IT infrastructure and workload intelligence. At its essence, and at a technical level, VNA virtualizes, automates and orchestrates network services to adapt to changing business conditions. Foundational elements for VNA include:

  1. High-performance switching systems for campus and data center s
  2. Virtualized Layer 4-7 services
  3. Comprehensive automation & orchestration software
  4. Open workload/hypervisor interfaces

With VNA you can invest in a network infrastructure that can adapt to any workload or application environment you have. Scale data centers with fabrics that fit, virtualize services and simplify the complex, and mobilize users for business on the go.

By being able to dynamically control and optimize performance across the network based on user or application needs means your network can adapt to business needs on demand. That’s the power of VNA. That’s that power to do more.


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