The explosion of cloud-based applications and services combined with the insatiable demand for bandwidth is driving customers to reevaluate wide area networking (WAN) requirements. Using the internet for branch office WAN connections is a logical step, but internet services are often unreliable delivering unpredictable application performance as well as notoriously insecure.


Dell EMC and Silver Peak have partnered to deliver Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions that overcome these limitations. By providing securely encrypted, high-performance virtual WAN overlays, using any combination of transport including broadband, geographically distributed enterprises can lower WAN costs while increasing application performance.

Fully integrated with Dell EMC's portfolio of converged compute and storage platforms, Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ intelligently and automatically directs traffic across WAN resources based on business priorities. Centralized orchestration and zero-touch provisioning of the SD-WAN allows customers to bring new sites on line more quickly, increasing agility while lowering operational costs. Leveraging broadband services saves up to 90% on WAN bandwidth costs.

For latency-sensitive applications or where large amounts of data must be transferred, customers can service chain the optional Unity Boost software performance pack. Boost integrates Silver Peak’s field-proven WAN optimization features to create a single, fully integrated WAN solution.

Together, Dell EMC and Silver Peak help customers build a better WAN that lowers costs while improving application performance and end-user experience.