The Dell Networking OpenDaylight (ODL) Controller is a commercial distribution of the OpenDaylight project’s software defined network (SDN) controller. Purpose built for OpenStack and OpenDaylight software frameworks, the Dell ODL controller provides additional levels of customization to enable SDN deployments.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced SDN solution for OpenStack environments
  • Commercial distribution providing a hardened, validated OpenDaylight controller version
  • Improved flow optimization on OVS
  • Verified OpenStack and OpenDaylight integration
  • Validated for seamless use on Dell hardware
  • Investment protection with continuous OpenDaylight release integration
  • Ensured ODL ecosystem compatibility
  • External connectivity for North-South traffic
  • Detailed documentation support
  • Modular and extensible
  • Supports heterogeneous environments


Open Source SDN for OpenStack deployments

The Dell ODL controller sits on the OpenStack node and connects into the Neutron component of OpenStack. All networking functions required in OpenStack are visible from Horizon, the OpenStack dashboard. The controller is interoperable with the ecosystem of ODL software partner offerings. It provides modularity and extensibility through Java programmability from open APIs. The Dell Networking ODL controller automates integration of ODL into OpenStack Neutron. All dynamic changes are automatically handled by the Dell ODL controller.

Dell hardened with ongoing ODL contributions

The OpenDaylight (ODL) Project’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) controller core design makes it one of the most promising SDN controller frameworks available for avoiding proprietary, vendor lock-in SDN solutions. Through Dell software engineering, Dell solidifies the current ODL release to achieve faster workload deployments. Rather than developing proprietary APIs and software enhancements, Dell continues contributions back to the OpenDaylight community for future ODL releases. This ensures OpenStack and ODL integration and support, providing customers confidence for future open standard SDN deployments.


 The current release of ODL distribution from Dell Networking is based on the Lithium release. The picture above shows the software development process in the open source. Dell identifies the projects it wants to build upon from ODL's stable release then contributes into the development process of that project along with the community towards the final release. The contribution is in the form of feature development and bug fixes that are directly checked into the main code base. After the major release the projects that are of interest are tested for the use cases they are being created for. This step typically involves further testing and bug fixing if needed. The package is then bundled ready for distribution, along with documentation on installation and release notes.

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