Having a robust, flexible and agile network infrastructure is critical for organizations striving to meet growing demands.  Shifting to a software-defined networking environment can help these organizations to stay ahead and deliver superior services.

Dell and IP Infusion deliver affordable MPLS virtualization with Dell Open Networking switches, IP Infusion OcNOS software and worldwide support

  • Delivers an economical, scalable and secure method of separating network users and resources across a common infrastructure using MPLS network virtualization
  • Enables enterprise organizations an alternative choice when looking to implement or expand use of MPLS-based platforms that take advantage of merchant silicon
  • Backs each and every deployment with a comprehensive suite of design, deployment and management services to help customers of all sizes globally

Together Dell and IP Infusion are helping organizations gain greater flexibility to build, run and manage MPLS virtual networks independent of the physical network and provision services more quickly.  This joint solution provides a competitive edge through maximum operational efficiency, agility and security that allows our customers the power to do more.