Software-defined networking provides a robust, flexible, and agile network infrastructure to help web services companies, medium and large enterprises meet their growing business demands.

Dell teams up with MidoNet network virtualization software to deliver an end-to-end open networking solution:

  • Dell Networking S6000, providing native VXLAN encapsulation and decapsulation.

  • Highly distributed SDN overlay solution for enterprises and service providers, with an OpenStack Neutron-compatible environment and container-[Docker] compatible environment

  • Improves OpenStack networking capabilities, replacing the default OVS Neutron plugin with a MidoNet plugin providing distributed network functions.

  • Backs every installation with a comprehensive suite of design, deployment, and management services.

Together Dell and Midokura are helping organizations gain greater flexibility to build, run, and manage virtual networks, and more quickly provision network services.

This joint solution delivers the scalability, performance, and resilience of a virtual network, while avoiding single points of failure.