The focus areas of this new guide are Data Center and storage networks. In particular, the ability the FC FlexIO module brings to the MXL and the M I/O Aggregator (M IOA) for splitting out Fibre Channel (FC) network traffic at what would seem to be the back of the blade server. The MXL and M IOA provide this magic at the back of the blade server. These switching Input/Output Modules (IOMs) allow the converged separation of the Data Center Network and the Storage Network.

In a typical environment converged traffic goes from the server to a Fibre Channel Forwarder (FCF) switch that de-encapsulates the two types of traffic and forwards them to their respective networks.

However with the release of the Dell Networking Operating System (FTOS) 9.7 essential fabric services are enabled providing the Dell Networking MXL, M IOA and their add-in FC Flex IO modules new capabilities. These new fabric services enable the MXL and M IOA to have direct connectivity to FC end devices (Figure 3). In other words, this enables the FC ports on the FC Flex IO to be F-ports.