In a leaf-spine data center environment, two Dell EMC Networking S4148U-ON switches running OS10 Enterprise Edition may be used as a leaf pair with Ethernet ports connected to spine switches for production TCP/IP traffic. The same leaf pair may also be used in F_port mode for direct connections to server Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapters (HBAs) and FC storage.

This guide covers configuration of the FC portion of the network. This includes configuration of two S4148U-ON switches, PowerEdge server FC HBAs, VMware ESXi hosts, and a Unity 500F storage array. The goal of this guide is to enable a network administrator or deployment services engineer to deploy a pair of S4148U-ONs in an FC environment using the hardware and software described.

Note: For servers using converged network adapters (CNAs) instead of FC HBAs, see FCoE-to-Fibre Channel Deployment with S4148U-ON in F_port Mode.