This guide provides a step-by-step deployment example of a Fibre Channel Storage Area Network in a leaf-spine data center environment.  Two Dell EMC Networking S4148U-ON switches running OS10 Enterprise Edition are used as a leaf pair with Ethernet ports connected to Z9100-ON spine switches for production TCP/IP traffic. The same leaf pair is also used in F_port mode for direct FC connections to a Dell EMC Unity 500F storage array and FCoE connections to PowerEdge servers.

This guide includes configuration of the S4148U-ON leaf pair, VMware ESXi hosts, Converged Network Adapters, and Unity FC storage. The goal of this guide is to enable a network administrator or deployment services engineer to deploy a pair of S4148U-ONs in a converged environment using the hardware and software described.

Note: For servers using FC HBAs instead of converged network adapters (CNAs), see Fibre Channel Deployment with S4148U-ON in F_port Mode.