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Leaf-Spine Deployment and Best Practices Guide

July 2017

This guide covers deployment of leaf-spine networks in the data center with Dell EMC Networking and Cisco Nexus multilayer switches. Examples include Dell leafs with Dell spines as well as Dell leafs with Cisco Nexus spines.

Note: For a condensed version of this document that contains only Dell leaf and Dell spine examples, see the Leaf-Spine Deployment and Best Practices Guide for Greenfield Deployments.

Due to increasing east-west traffic within the data center (server-server, server-storage, etc.), an alternative to the traditional access-aggregation-core network model is becoming more widely used. This architecture is known as a leaf-spine network and is designed to minimize the number of hops between hosts.

The connections between leaf and spine switches can be layer 2 (switched) or layer 3 (routed). This deployment guide provides step-by-step configuration examples of both topologies. The objective is to enable a network administrator or engineer with traditional networking experience to deploy a layer 2 or layer 3 leaf-spine architecture using the examples provided.

  • Leaf-Spine Deployment and Best Practices Guide

    Both of these documents mention full configurations as PDF attachments. Where might those be located?

    "Note: All switch configuration files for the topology in Figure 14 are contained in the attachment named Example1_config_files.pdf. The files may be edited as needed in a plain text editor and commands pasted directly into switch consoles. Dell EMC Networking switches start at their factory default settings per Appendix A."

  • Leaf-Spine Deployment and Best Practices Guide

    To find the attachments to the document, look on the far left side of Adobe Acrobat while the pdf is open.  Look for a "paperclip" icon button.  Press this button to expose the attachments.  If you do not see the paperclip button, then click on the small gray arrow half way down the left edge of the screen.  This arrow will expose the paperclip if hidden.  

  • Leaf-Spine Deployment and Best Practices Guide

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