VMware vCloud NFV Platform Detailed Design Reference Architecture version 1.5 http://www.vmware.com/techpapers/2016/vmware-vcloud-nfv-reference-architecture-10515.html

In scope, this document:

• Considers NFVI to be all of the required hardware and software components needed to support Virtual Network Functions.

• Considers VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Management) to be all the hardware and software components needed to manage and maintain NFVI.

• Outlines the design considerations to implement Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) platforms, which are built to accommodate service provider level requirements set by the provider’s / partners technical staff and Dell EMC technical architects and engineers.

• Serves as a validation of low-level components included in this deployment guide.

Not in scope, this document does not:

• Provide support escalation outside of Dell EMC support agreements.

• Assume additional operations, maintenance or communications outside of Dell EMC signed support agreements.