DNOS-OF 1.1 is a campus networking firmware that runs on Dell Networking N-Series switches.  It provides OpenFlow 1.3.4 support that transforms N-Series into pure OpenFlow switches to interoperate with OpenFlow controllers.

This document gives network designers an understanding of the basic principles of OpenFlow and software defined networks (SDN), and provides step-by-step examples that illustrate configuring, discovering, and managing of N-Series on an OpenFlow network. 

DNOS-OF 1.1 provides support the following Dell Networking switches:

  •  Dell Networking N1500 (N1524, N1524P, N1548, N1548P)
  •  Dell Networking N2000 (N2024, N2024P, N2048, N2048P)
  •  Dell Networking N3000 (N3024, N3024P, N3048, N3048P)
  •  Dell Networking N4000 (N4032, N4064, N4024F, N4064F)

Note:  DNOS-OF 1.1 does not support the Dell Networking N3024F switch.