The Dell Networking S5000 Converged switch is an efficient and powerful switching platform for
Ethernet and FCoE protocols. It is important to understand how these S5000 switches will be
utilized in any data center design. In many Enterprise environments, the need for a converged
infrastructure pushes the need for redundancy, management, and control. There is an opportunity to
boot the server’s host OS as well as any VM’s completely from the remote storage array utilizing
the S5000’s FCoE capabilities. In this Deployment Guide the topic will be booting from SAN with
FCoE networking and FC storage. This guide will explain one possible scenario that will aid in the
build out of an FCoE boot from SAN setup. This step by step process will explain how the
configuration was validated using Dell Networking’s S5000 switch, Brocade 5300 Fiber Channel
switches, EMC VNX 5300 Storage set in block storage mode, and Dell PowerEdge M620 blade servers
using Broadcom 57810 converged network adapters.

The step by step scenario is intended to cover one validated solution but should be applicable in
many cases to other hardware and devices with minor configuration changes based on the technology
used. Use this guide as a knowledge base if the hardware is different. Please feel free to provide
feedback on this document for further enhancements.