Converging Ethernet and Storage networks is key to cutting costs, wiring and complexity in the growing
Enterprise infrastructure. The new Dell PowerEdge FX2 chassis, in conjunction with the PowerEdge
FN410S I/O Aggregator (IOA) and blade servers can be used to build the ideal Fibre Channel over Ethernet
(FCoE) solution for today’s converged storage environment. Instead of having separate fabric switches
providing Ethernet and Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity, this converged environment brings the network
devices together through one FCoE environment.
By default the PowerEdge FN410S IOA, is configured to enable the FIP (FCoE Initialization Protocol)
Snooping Bridge (FSB) protocol, and will transport converged FCoE to Top of Rack (ToR) or End of Row
(EoR) converged infrastructure switches. In this guide, Dell Networking S5000 and Cisco Nexus 5000 Fibre
Channel Forwarder (FCF) converged switches are used.