The objective of this paper is to demonstrate multitenancy via VRF-lite on supported Dell Networking switches (S4810, S4820T, S5000, S6000, Z9500). Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) allows a physical router to be partitioned into multiple Virtual Routers (VRs). The control and data plane are isolated in each VR so that traffic does not flow across VRs, thus allowing for multiple different routing tables to co-exist within the same physical L3 switch/router at the same time. Route leaking is also supported and allows for routes to ‘leak’ or be distributed across VRs in a controlled manner.

In this whitepaper, VRF-lite is configured and validated on Dell S6000 switches.


- Configure VRF instances on Dell S6000 switches via VRF-lite CLI commands.
- Demonstrate multitenancy and route leaking.
- Validate configuration and verify connectivity.

Resources Utilized

- 2 x Dell S6000 switches (Dell Networking OS 9.6)