Dell provides comprehensive, end-to-end networking solutions from Campus to Datacenter, wired and wireless. Our products deliver complete resolutions to companies network problems, large and small, and are just a part of the overall Enterprise Product line that Dell offers, working hand-in-hand with Dell’s own Server and Storage products. The Dell Campus Networking N-Series Interoperability with Cisco Catalyst paper demonstrates Dell’s commitment to complete networking solutions that use the products discussed in this paper.

While Dell provides complete solutions for any size network, regardless of complexity, we also recognize that customers must choose the best solutions that fit the diverse requirements of their businesses and users. Dell therefore supports open and heterogeneous networking and interoperability, when based on standards. For example, Cisco switches can also work seamlessly in a Dell N-Series switch environment when properly configured.

The goal of this paper is to show the reader exactly how to configure Dell N-Series and Cisco Catalyst to directly attached and work together in a heterogenous network. The examples presented in this document use a N3048, and these same commands can be used to configure any of the N-Series switches.

Dell N-Series is a family of energy efficient, POE+ capable high performance 1GbE and 10GbE switches designed for modernizing and scaling Campus Network Infrastructure. N-Series switches utilize a comprehensive Enterprise-Class L2/L3 feature set, deliver consistent, simplified management, and offer high availability device and network design.

This paper will enable network administrators to quickly and easily avoid the most common areas of contention when connecting a Cisco switch into an existing Dell environment, or an N-Series switch into an existing Cisco environment, including dealing with Cisco proprietary protocols, spanning tree, and setting up link aggregation between switches.

Many customers desire to refresh campus and access switches to get new features and capabilities such as those available with Dell N-Series switches. This paper supports such refreshes and makes it easy.