For IT organizations, one of the most important initiatives to meet these goals is the consolidation of server I/O. This also enables convergence of Local Area Network (LAN) and Storage Area Network (SAN) into one LAN & SAN converged network optimized for both LAN and SAN traffic types. As a result, IT organizations are able to significantly reduce deployment and operational costs while significantly improving their ability to respond to dynamic business needs.

The challenge for most IT organizations is that making this goal a reality will not happen overnight. Organizations have already made significant investments in different types of legacy infrastructures. Any new investment to optimized operations must include a strategy to leverage existing investments while modernizing the Data Center operations. Dell, as a leading IT solution provider, understands this well, which is why it offers one the most comprehensive LAN & SAN convergence solutions in the industry. With Dell, organizations now have the choice they need to optimize their DC infrastructure and operations.