Server implementation of receiving CLI commands from socket and

execute the operation using FTOS CLI telnet connection. The server

stores the last executed operation and result.

Input to the socket for a command is command string followed with newline

Special command for retrieving the last executed operation and result is "LASTRESULT"

The receive side is expected to read back until '#' for every socket send operation

Client Test Script


Sample of a client script to execute command using the server implementation.

python -p 7777 -i

Default values


# cli login information

hostname = ''

username = 'admin'

password = 'admin'

confpassword = 'force10'

# server listening port

port = 37777

Running scripts in testing mode


python -p 7777 -i -u admin -p admin -c force10

Running scripts on FTOS


script username admin /f10/flash/