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Restore Configuration error - switch - Dell PowerConnect 5448


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Restore Configuration error - switch - Dell PowerConnect 5448

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Hi people, 

I am a Switches Dell PowerConnect 5448, and I try to restore a configuration file to running config, but  when I try to apply the command to copy my backup by tftp server to running config of the switch i am finding the follow error 

16-Aug-2017 18:52:24 %COPY-I-FILECPY: Files Copy - source URL t192.168.216.11/running-config.txt destination URL running-config
...16-Aug-2017 18:52:27 %TFTP-A-TftpTxERROR: An error message was sent: 0 <Closed by application>

Copy: Error in configuration download Line: 32 Command: vlan 4-5,7,159-160
16-Aug-2017 18:52:27 %COPY-W-TRAP: The copy operation has failed

The error always occurs in the vlan configuration line.


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  • Hi,

    Is there an existing config on the switch? If there is try clearing it and then restoring it. You may also want to try comma separating all of the values instead of 4-5 and 159-160. 


    Josh Craig

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  • Hi Josh, 

    Thank You for reply, i didn't try the configuration, i tried to apply  the configuration changed the - by , but doesn't work yet.


  • Hi Josh, 

    I can apply the configure im my switch, I found out that the switch was not interpreting the caractere - in some commands, so, i added the caractere ! At the beginning of each line with that character and the configuration was applied.

    My Switch Model is: Dell PowerConnect 5448

    Thank You for Help Josh.