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tool for switch config comparison?


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tool for switch config comparison?

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Is there a tool (or other way) that would compare 2 switch configurations (or multiple). For example when upgrading firmware to check that configurations match before/after upgrade?

We're been hit by an issue when LAG configuration changed after firmware update and this caused us problems. If we could compare configurations, this would allow us to identify the issue before it happened.

Mainly interested in this for Dell N2000, N4000 and PowerConnect series.

(something like Cisco has -

Any help is welcome

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  • I am not aware of any software that will compare configurations. What I usually use a text editor to compare the two documents. Word has a legal blackline option that will compare documents. Notepadd++ has a compare plugin. I am sure others have similar features.

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  • Thanks for replying Daniel. I've found out Notepad++ (with the Compare plugin) to be acceptable workaround.

    Local Dell rep. told me OpenManage Network manager can do that too, but even if it could, it wouldn't be feasible for us to buy it only with this one particular use case in mind.