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Dell PowerConnect 2824 Display

  • Just a quick question, I was reading the manual for my switch since I'm setting up the VLAN's and I'm not used to dell since I came from an HP environment. anyways, according to the dell manual and everything I see online, there is supposed to be a graphical representation of your switch on the management console so you can see the status of ports and such. Now i don't see that on mine, is there something I need to do to enable it? did I need to setup the switch via console?
  • The 28xx series comes from the factory in "unmanaged" mode. You have to set it "Managed" mode to see the web GUI. See page 49 of this document -

    Once you enable it just point a web broswer to the IP that you configured. You'll then have access to everything shown in chapter 5 of the manual -

    Hope that helps.
  • thanks for the reply, i have enabled managed mode, the gui i'm talking about is figure 5-2 on page 54 of
  • You should be seeing the graphical respresentation of the front of the unit right off the home page.

    So you can get to the web interface, just that graphic is not appearing ? Do you see where it should be and is it crossed out with the little image "X" icon ?

    What browser ? Have you tried a different browser ?
  • i've tried it on 3 different versions of IE (6/7/8) and on google chrome, there isn't a red X either
  • Not sure what the problem is. You'll need to call into support or you could also post this question over on the Dell Community Forum - - They might have an idea.

    I was going to suggest updating the firmware, but I checked and it is already shipping with the latest.

  • Did you ever find an answer to this issue? I am having the exact same problem on a 2824 running firmware
  • What are you seeing when you are on the home page of the Web GUI?
  • Everything but the front console image (see link below). It is really odd. I do not have the problem when accessing our older 3324 and 3348 switches.

    I also posted a message on the Dell forums.

  • I don't have one of these in lab, but looking through the documentation I have I think the response you received in the support forums is correct. I will double check with our PG team.
  • Yeah, looks like the Dell documentation is wrong. There is no image displayed in the 28xx series switches.
  • Same thing. In looking at the frame source I can see where it loads the gif's to create the display of the switch. The code is there. Is there something I need to do?

  • Are you looking for a port view like this from the 3500 series?

    This option is not available on the 2800 series switch. It must have been a misprint in the manual.

    In fact I do not see that displayed in the current version of the User Manual.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • i may have your answer tomorrow

  • What is it?