How to stack two 6224 switches - I can't work it out


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How to stack two 6224 switches - I can't work it out

  • Please help! We have two 6224 switches and two stacking modules. We have tried and failed to get this working.

    They are connected as per the photo of the example 4 switches in the manual - in a daisy chain, so switch 1 is connected to switch 2 and then switch 2 is connected back to switch 1 - I believe that is correct.

    First of all - the problem I'm trying to solve. We have two independent firewalls for redundancy which can fail over. Each firewall has one LAN connection so we have put 1 LAN connection from FW-1 to SW-1 and 1 LAN connection from FW-2 to SW-2. The problem is that if SW-1 failed then FW-1 would still direct traffic to it and naturally the data would not go anywhere. So, I thought, if we stack the switches, if SW-1 died then SW-2 would take over and vice-versa. Does that even actually work? If SW-1 died, then the LAN cable from FW-1 would not work either, will the stacking module in both SW-1 and SW-2 be able to keep the SW-1 'working' or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    What we can do is force FW-2 to be the master FW if SW-1 (which is connected to FW-1) fails. What we can't do is drive to the data center and move cables - we want to be able to admin this remotely. I just thought stacking would automate the switch failover - since our FW will auto failover too.....

    console#show switch

    --- ---------- --------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -----------
    1 Unassigned PCT6224 Not Present
    2 Mgmt Sw PCT6224 PCT6224 OK

    console#show switch
    --- ---------- --------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -----------
    1 Mgmt Sw PCT6224 PCT6224 OK

    Any ideas? I need to post more but have run out of space!
  • console#show stack-standby
    Standby unit: None

    console#show stack-port

    Configured Running
    Stack Stack Link Link
    Unit Interface Mode Mode Status Speed (Gb/s)
    ---- ---------------- ---------- ---------- ------------ ------------
    1 xg1 Ethernet Ethernet Link Up 10
    1 xg2 Ethernet Ethernet Link Up 10
    1 xg3 Ethernet Ethernet Link Down Unknown
    1 xg4 Ethernet Ethernet Link Down Unknown

    both switches are the same.

    As I said above - both seem to be masters. One switch seems to see itself only, and the other switch seems to see itself and the other switch. I presume they both should be able to see each other? Completely lost.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Bit late, but you have the stack ports configured as ethernet not stacking.
  • The issue is that the ports are configured as Ethernet and not Stack ports, do the following on each switch that won't join the stack;

    >stack-port 1/xg1 stack
    >stack-port 1/xg2 stack

    Reload the switch and it should join the stack....

    Hope this helps,