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n2024 transceiver question


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n2024 transceiver question

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hi there we would like to connect 2 x N2024 switches using 10Gbe fiber. 

What are the options for SFP+ transceiver?


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  • All of Dell's options for the N2000 switch are found on www.dell.com.  Select Products > Networking > Fixed Port switches > For Work > Switches > Managed Campus Switches > N2000 link > Customize and Buy button below the N2000 switch. If you scroll down from there you will see a table for Optics and another one for Direct Attach Cables.  It looks as though there are nine options for SFP+, which are:

    Dell Networking, Transceiver, SFP+, 10GbE, LR, 1310nm Wavelength, 10km Reach
    Dell Networking, Transceiver, SFP+, 10GbE, ER, 1550nm Wavelength, 40km Reach 
    Dell Networking, Transceiver, 10GbE SFP+ LRM Optic, 1310nm Wavelength, 220m Reach on MMF 
    Dell Networking, Transceiver, SFP+, 10GbE, SR, 850nm Wavelength, 300m Reach
    Dell Networking, Cable, SFP+ to SFP+, 10GbE, Copper Twinax Direct Attach Cable (various lengths ranging from 0.5 Meter to 7 Meter)
    Hope this helps!