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Teaming (windoes server 2008R2) against DELL6224


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Teaming (windoes server 2008R2) against DELL6224

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I have 2 DELL6224 switches in Stack (so logically is only one sw). What I need is to make works "Teaming" with a Server windows Server 2008R2.

Is there some special configuration that I must do in Switches? or this is only a Windows server issue?

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  • Hello,

    depending on the type of TEAM you are looking for:

    • Active/Active LAG the command is "channel group 1 mode [auto/on]
    • Active/Passive switch fault tolerant (SFT) TEAM, you don't need any special config although i would recommend port fast.

    If you choose active/active - you have another choice:

    • auto - the switch (and server) will use LACP and will automatically negotiate the link - this is useful so that you don't make cabling errors, it wil only work if both sides are configured properly and plugged into the right ports
    • on - this is a static LAG, make sure you have it cabled propery and the correct server settings :)

    Any LAG settings on the switch, need to be the same on the server side - most likely using Broadcom BACS or other nic teaming software (Intel, etc)

    So, if you pick Active/Active LACP (auto) - then you need to make sure the NICs are setup to do an LACP TEAM on the server side using the server software

    Hope this helps,



  • Ok, can you a template o something like that for use as a guide?. I mean., a template for LACP/ Teaming?

  • Here's a good video on how to do it on the server side by the dell techcenter folks: