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Looking for help to choose a UPS


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Looking for help to choose a UPS

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Hi !

  I live in Canada (near Montreal) and i'm currently in the middle of building a new small rack for our company. Currently, we're looking to buy a 24U rack, along with a T610 server. Our old server along with the usual network stuff (48 ports switch, cable modem, ...) will also be inside. Also considering is a new IP telephony system that will have to be powered in the future.

  I'm stuck at which UPS to choose. I have looked at a Dell 2700W High Voltage UPS and I like it since it seems to provide adequate power and can be extended in the future with another battery, should I need more power. I don't mind having to call an electrician to pass another cable, but which current will I need to have at the input of the UPS? 208V, 220V, 1 phase, 3 phases ? Is there anything I need to consider that I might be missing ?

Here is the model I'm looking : http://dellups.com/DisplayUPSConfig.asp?oemUPSID=266&countryID=5&ResellerIDCode=1

Thank you very much for your help !

- Mat

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  • 3 phase is going to be your most efficient option.  Typically you can identify 3 phase power as 208v.  If it is 220/240, that is two single phase lines (typical in say, the power feeding your main panel at your home).

    Getting by with larger single phase UPS units I have found to be more of a hassle.  As many times they need dedicated circuits anyway.  

    I have an Emerson Liebert 10kVA UPS that I had to have hardwired into my server room.  It is 3 phase, but boy, no regrets.  It powers my blade enclosure, blades, SAN arrays, switchgear, etc. all with no problem.