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PowerConnect 2848 and 802.1x


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PowerConnect 2848 and 802.1x

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I have a problem with my PowerConnect 2848, I can't enter a valid server for 802.1x in the switch config, it seems that I can only enter a RADIUS-server for authentication and I can't see how I can set it to use higher priority then the local login.

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  • Hi Veidit,

    If you take a look at pages 93-100 of this document, it should provide details on how to configure this.  It looks like the 2848 can only authenticate via a RADIUS server.  Is there another method in which you are trying to authenticate.  If the guide doesn't answer your questions, let me know and I will reach out to our engineering team.  I'm not very familiar with the 2848.

  • Correct but it dosent define what RADIUS server, or does it use that one that I entered in System -> Management Security -> RADIUS?

  • Correct it uses that RADIUS server.  Is that what's not working?