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(M1000e with M5424 with Blade M610 ) network setup


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(M1000e with M5424 with Blade M610 ) network setup

  • Hi,

    I have one question, I'm having M1000e Chassis with 7 M610 blade server , I can use 2 network card on each blade server,
    For you information I'm using 2 blade server as a oracle RAC server, so 1 network for public & other network for private.

    As I understand from the chassis is 1 network port of each blade is connected with 1 M6220 switch & other network port of all blade server are connected with other M6220 switch.

    No my question is , can I use 2nd network port on all the blade for different subnet ????????????

    Note:Our vendor engineer also told me if your using private network in 2 blade server then you cannot make the other M6220 switch as redundant.

    Please help me out from this issue.

  • Hi Rashid,

    If I understand you correctly you only have two ethernets NICs on each blade and they are the onboard NICs (LOM) which are connected to Fabric A. One port to A1 and one port to A2. Since they are just ordinary NICs you can do whatever you want with them. What the vendor engineer is saying is that if you configure the NICs differently then you will have no ethernet redundancy if for example a cable or I/O-module fails. Such an error could be avoided if you would team the two ethernet NICs and use them for a single purpose. So in your case it's either to skip the redudancy or just use them both for the same network by teaming them and keep the redundancy. You have a Fabric unused you could also add mezzanine card with two ethernet ports and suitable I/O-modules for that Fabric to increase your number of ethernet NICs to four and thus be able to keep the redudancy and still connect to entirely different networks.

    Hopefully that made any sense. :-)


    Andreas Erson

  • Hi Rashid,
    In the setup you describe you have each of the two onboard network ports going to different switches (M6220), this is hardwired on the enclosure backplane. Of course you can configure IP addresses in different subnets, as the switches are physically isolated.

    Anyway, as Erson correctly pointed out, you don't have any redundancy with this setup, and if any of the switches fail you will loose communication over the corresponding subnet.

    Besides the option of adding a mezzanine card on the blades and compatibles I/O modules on the rear bays, which I would also recommend, you may consider as well to add stacking modules to your current M6220 switches to improve redundancy and network throughput from your Oracle servers to your users.

    You can read more about the stacking feature of M6220 blades switches on this whitepaper from DELL:


    Hope this helps you to improve your configuration.