Configuring Powerconnect 6224 for use with Equallogic PS6000XV


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Configuring Powerconnect 6224 for use with Equallogic PS6000XV

  • Need help with this setup:

    2 x R710 using the Broadcom's for iSCSI traffic
    2 x PowerConnect 6224

    Want to use port 1-8 for the iSCSI traffic and that configured as one VLAN.
    Want to use at least port 13-16 for trunking the switches

    The connection between the servers, switches and storage is connected so that there are two connection from the storage to each switch from each controller on the PS6000, and there are two connections from each server to each switch

    Does this sound good and what commands do I send to get this configured best? Would like all the commands for the swithces from a clean setup, and would also like the recommandations for the config of the NIC's on the server

    Thanks in advance

    Dell TechCenter Rockstar

  • This does look like a sound configuration. There is a document currently in the 'review process' phase that contains an appendix with specific powerconnect switch settings and commands. In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at the PowerConnect Manual on the dell support site: .

    Also, we'll have a chat on 9/22 on Equallogic networking basics, with a guest subject matter expert.
  • Jeff, has this document got past the 'revierw process' ?
  • This thread has the guide info & link: