What do Statistica 13 and Grammy® winner John Mayer have in common?

They're both set to rock Dell World 2015! Reserve your place today to experience cool technology and tunes at one of the most talked-about events in the industry.

It's your ticket to find out about the latest release of Statistica, the powerful platform that's solved complex analytics challenges for more than 30 years. And now that Statistica 13 is just a few short weeks away, you're probably already asking, "What's new?"

Sadly, we can't tell you! Not yet, anyway: Official announcements and details will be made in the press and at Dell World next month. So, this is really more of a teaser than a spoiler. (Sorry!)

You'll simply have to wait to learn about the new stepwise model tool that progressively recommends optimum models as you build your workflow. And you'll also have to wait to see whether we've fully integrated the dynamic Statistica Interactive Visualization and Dashboards beta engine introduced with Statistica 12.7.

Perhaps you've heard rumors about something called Native Distributed Analytics (NDA), by which Statistica 13 would push algorithms and scoring functionality into your databases, basically analyzing your data — even big data — right where it lives. It would be so cool to discover the rumors are true, right?

And if you've ever dreamed about modernizing Statistica's GUI or overhauling the drag-and-drop workspace — well, let's just say we hope you like what you see in Statistica 13.

That's really as far as we can go here. Just keep an eye out for details in the official Statistica 13 press release in a few weeks, and register for Dell World if you haven't done so already. We want you to be there live for the big reveal! We're pretty sure discussions on the latest functionality will be music to your ears.
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Statistica scores at DBTA awards.

Not surprisingly, Dell Software's end-to-end Information Management Group (IMG) cleaned up in the recent Database Trends and Applications Readers' Choice Awards for 2015. Statistica ranked as a finalist in the Best Data Mining Solution category, while fellow portfolio members Toad, Boomi, Shareplex, LiteSpeed for SQL Server and Spotlight on SQL Server were all named winners or finalists in 10 additional categories.
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How to help yourself!

The Dell Statistica team offers self-help resources beyond the step-by-step how-to articles you normally see linked in our newsletters. Hundreds of specific user issues are referenced in our searchable Knowledge Base. If you seek immediate input from your peers, you can also start a thread in our dynamic user discussion forum (free website registration is required to participate). And, as always, the legendary, vendor-agnostic Statistics Textbook remains ready for your quick reference.
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Check in with our thought leaders.

Read informative articles and blog posts from our industry experts. This month: Thomas Hill, Shawn Rogers, John Thompson and John Whittaker.
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Leading the way at Predictive Analytics World (PAW) Boston

Come meet us face-to-face at booth #240 in Boston and learn anew how predictive analytics is transforming the healthcare industry. We are sponsoring an Analytics Meetup as well as Dean Abbott's Advanced Methods Hands-On workshop and the Closis Predictive Analytics in Healthcare workshop. And our own Dr. Thomas Hill, executive director of analytics, will be on the experts panel, Education and Training Options for Predictive Analytics.
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Join us at these events

Revolutionize your decision making with us:
  • 9/18 Patient Engagement
          #ThinkChat Tweetup
  • 9/22 Cassandra Summit
  • 9/27 PAW Boston Healthcare
  • 9/29 BARC Germany
  • 9/29 Tech Webcast:
          Evaluating Model Quality
  • 9/30 Closis PAW workshop:
          Predictive Healthcare
  • 10/1 Abbott PAW workshop:
          Adv. Methods Hands-On
  • 10/2 "Data-palooza!"
          #ThinkChat Tweetup
  • 10/8 Abbott webcast: Practical
         Customer Analytics
  • 10/14 Gartner BI Summit
          in Munich
  • 10/20 Dell World and
          Software User Forum
  • 10/28 PAW London

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On-demand webcast: The Smart Data Analyst's Toolset

Statistica + Toad! In case you missed our most recent tech webcast, we highlighted the integration of Statistica with Toad Intelligence Central and Toad Data Point — a seamless integration that enables you to connect data, users and analytics like never before.

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