Drinking the house champagne: Dell migrates from SAS to Statistica.

In just six months, Dell synchronized billions of records from multiple data sources using its newest acquisition, the Statistica analytics platform, while weaning itself off of SAS. But like many other companies, Dell first had to transform its own data culture. Here is part one of the story of that ambitious migration.
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New Webcast: Cloud Analytics – Driving Forces Shaping the Future of Analytic Strategies.

It’s been just over half a year since Dell Software announced its collaboration with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service, aimed at delivering predictive analytics capabilities within a scalable, cost-effective hybrid cloud environment. Recently, we gathered a panel of industry thought leaders to discuss the business, technical and financial drivers that steer organizations toward the cloud.
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Check in with our thought leaders.

Read informative articles and blog posts from our industry experts. This month: Shawn Rogers, Paul Hiller and Joanna Schloss.
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How to use Dell Statistica Rules Builder.

Physical, cultural, and regulatory rules apply uniquely to the analytical efforts of every business, and their consistent application can be quite challenging. We’ll show you how our Rules Builder can simplify your efforts.
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Don’t be shy. Tell us what you’re thinking.

We are always open to your feedback on the community blogs. Come visit and leave us a comment or two.
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Join us at these events.

Revolutionize your decision making with advanced analytics:
   • 7/9 Webcast: "Big Data,
          Big Deal"
   • 7/10 Big Data #TweetChat
   • 7/12 Microsoft Worldwide
          Partner Conference
   • 7/23 Webinar: "Simplify
          Advanced Analytics"
   • 7/30 Tech Webcast: "Eat Big
          Data for Breakfast"

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In-person training

Get the most from Statistica's powerful predictive analytics at our Tulsa-based classes:
   • 7/14 Intro to Statistica
   • 7/15 Data Miner (two days)
   • 7/17 Automated Neural
   • 8/18 Intro to Statistica
   • 8/19 Basic Statistics
   • 8/20 Advanced Statistics
   • 8/21 Multivariate Analysis

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