May/June 2014

Completing the Value Chain:
Data, Insight, Action

Dr. Thomas Hill, Executive Director of Analytics at Dell's Information Management Group, likes to say that he has predicted every stock market crash in the past 30 years—after they happened. Obviously, reporting on past events to gain insight is interesting and perhaps useful in some circumstances, but the ability to predict outcomes and “pre-act” rather than react is becoming more and more valuable—indeed, more necessary—in the marketplace.

But what are the real challenges businesses face when attempting to adopt predictive and prescriptive analytics? How is it all supposed to come together successfully? Dr. Hill summarizes his thoughts on the matter...

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Case study: from guts to credit score modeling
Statistica Data Miner defines success in high-risk lending

StatSoft Benelux recently conducted a successful Statistica implementation with Novum Bank in the Netherlands, where accurate credit scoring is crucial to the bank's margins, especially in the area of micro-credit.

Novum's chief credit risk officer, Johannes "Joop" Bruinzeel, tells the whole story to Marcel Wiedenbrugge at Credit Expo, a Dutch news portal for credit management. Bruinzeel notes that only 18 months prior to the interview, his bank still depended on human interpretation and gut feeling to gauge the credit risk of applicants. But this past spring, after building and applying Statistica's scoring models even to a small portion of the portfolio, the bank nonetheless enjoyed a return on investment in just four months.

"We are just at the beginning," observes Mr. Bruinzeel.

Our English translation of the original interview is linked below...

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StatSoft's vital role highlighted at DAAC:
Analysts recognize strength of Dell's Big Data vision

More than 150 industry and financial analysts gathered for the recent Dell Annual Analyst Conference (DAAC) in late May. This event is designed to help analysts understand Dell Information Management Group's ongoing transformation into an end-to-end BI solutions company, so this year StatSoft and Statistica received some well-deserved attention.

During the two-day event, analysts and influencers expressed their newfound appreciation for the legitimacy of Dell's mid-market value proposition with StatSoft in the portfolio. Attendees' real-time tweets indicate they more clearly understand now the significance of StatSoft's vital role within Dell's broader Big Data strategy, which also includes Toad, Boomi, and Kitenga software offerings. At StatSoft, we are very excited to be a part of this progress.

These tweets exemplify the energy and optimism among this year's DAAC attendees:

  • Judith Hurwitz @jhurwitz - Michael Dell mentions important acquistion of StatSoft. My POV: important advanced analytics platform. Good acquisition. #DAAC
  • Lisa Kart @Kart_Lisa - Predictive Analytics Platform #StatSoft added to a portfolio including @Dell_Toad @boomi & Kitenga will be disruptive #DAAC @jswainson15
  • Bob Anderson @ERP4Services - Dell "..building bridges from Toad to StatSoft to Advanced Analytics..." ..relevant to the midmarket? Looking to hear more at #DAAC.
  • Nik Rouda @nrouda - Adding #analytics to the @Dell #bigdata portfolio with StatSoft now being integrated, even "appliancized." at #DAAC
  • @colinwfletcher - Simple equation laid out by #Dell Software chief John Swainson, Scale + Great Products = Great Potential. #DAAC #GreatExpectations
  • Christian Perry @ITwriter - Dell's working to expand big data beyond its large-enterprise sweet spot. Smart move by a company with strong SME heritage. #DAAC

For a quick DAAC overview, check out this highlights video.

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With the addition of StatSoft's Statistica to the Dell Software portfolio, Dell can now offer you a complete set of information management tools that will empower you to manage, integrate, and analyze all data—regardless of type or location.

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How to customize designs in ANOVA/MANOVA and general linear models (GLM)
...with Rats!

In the latest versions of Statistica, there has been a slight modification on the default effects that are displayed in the ANOVA/MANOVA and GLM results. By default, the current version of Statistica shows only main effects, whereas in previous versions, full factorial was the default design.

Using our Rats.sta dataset, this article will illustrate how to customize designs in ANOVA/MANOVA and GLM...

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