July/August 2014

Analysts continue to recognize, affirm Statistica's growing influence

Statistica has been recognized in a new, prominent analyst report released this summer.

Dresner Advisory Services, an independent analyst firm specializing in Business Intelligence and related markets, released its inaugural Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study (free download; registration required) in late July. This edition, part of Dresner's Wisdom of Crowds® Series, ranks vendors based on cross-industry survey responses from users in all organizational roles.

Among the 18 vendors who met Dresner's minimum qualifying threshold, Dell (StatSoft) tied for second place with IBM and SAS. Dresner's vendor ratings considered core advanced and predictive features, data preparation, usability, scalability, and integration. In addition to thorough industry insights, the comprehensive report provides detailed comparisons in a useful buyers' guide format.

"Through the validation of leading industry analysts and the loyalty of its thousands of users throughout the world, Statistica has long been recognized as one of the industry’s premier advanced analytics tools, and it continues to garner that recognition as part of the Dell Software family of information management solutions," remarked John K. Thompson, Dell Software Executive Director and StatSoft General Manager.

"While this independent assessment is the latest confirmation of the significant value we offer our customers, rest assured we will continue enhancing and improving the Statistica platform to help companies of all sizes deliver on the need for smarter, better decision-making through the use of advanced analytics."

Download for FREE the complete, 70-page Dresner report; registration is required.

Why Predictions Go Wrong
and how to prevent it

A few years ago, Dr. Thomas Hill, Executive Director of Analytics at Dell's Information Management Group, received a mail-order catalog featuring various pieces of self-defense weaponry, including brass knuckles, nunchucks, assault knives, throwing stars, and other combat fighting "systems."

He laughed it off, noting this was clearly an example of market segmentation and propensity modeling gone amok—not to mention a waste of money for the catalog provider. But whose propensity model had classified him as a potential customer with such interests at all? And, on a larger scale, why and how can predictive models go wrong in the first place? What are the consequences of misclassification, and what can—or should—be done about it?...

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How to group data into specified percentile categories using Statistica Visual Basic (SVB)

Sometimes, Statistica users want to group the data in a spreadsheet variable according to percentile categories. For example, you might want to know which cases fall into which quartiles. It would make sense to sort the data, as well. It is fairly easy to do this using an SVB macro, as shown in this detailed example...

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